Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Updates to The Game

  • Reduced Rank experience point requirements and monster xp rewards by 90%, thus making the numbers somewhat more manageable and increasing the importance of treasure to advancement. Treasure may in fact be too good now at 1 xp/silver penny: a mark of silver is now enough to make it to Rank 2.
  • Eliminated armor soak. I like the effect in principle, but the rule is just too slow in play. The defense bonus from armor has been doubled to compensate. This required a small update to the rules for attacking.
  • Added a player advice section to the Combat and Exploration chapter. Advice on player advice would be much appreciated ; - )
  • Simplified encounter reaction rolls.
  • Clarified evasion rules.
  • Clarified heritage attribute bonuses and special abilities.
  • Various spelling/grammar fixes.
I'm strongly considering renaming "Banish Horror" (my turn undead equivalent) to "Exorcism". Opinions?