Friday, March 25, 2011

Grimrun, the Master of Duels

Grimrun was a legendary wizard that created or refined many spells for use against rival wizards, including the power to break spells or turn them back on their casters.
Grimrun’s appearance is unknown, as he or she only appeared wearing an iron mask and full robes.
In fact, the name “Grimrun” is a pseudonym; his or her true name kept secret so as to avoid giving power to his or her many enemies.

Grimrun’s Treacherous Usurpation

Complexity 3, Range sight, Target single spell, Duration instant, Save none
Effect: a single spell that targets the caster of this spell instead targets the caster of the targeted spell. If this spell is prepared it may be cast as part of a countering attempt, causing it to succeed automatically.

Grimrun’s Cogitive Excruciation

Complexity 2, Range sight, Target single wizard, Duration concentration, Save Discern
Effect: the mind of the targeted wizard is overwhelmed by the power of the spells it contains, causing a burning pain that paralyzes the target for the duration of the spell.

Grimrun’s Grandest Trick

Compexity 3, Range self, Target self, Duration instant, Save Discern
Effect: the caster weaves together a potent spell of death turned inside-out, such that anyone attempting to counter it unwittingly trigger it upon themselves, snuffing out their own lives in an instant. Absent an attempt to counter, it does 1d6 damage to the caster.


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