Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sword & Sorcery Names

I've created a test google gadget that spits out confluxed names from a mix of Arabic and Ancient Greek sources, which works pretty well for hoary, decadent Sword & Sorcery settings, which should be visible to the right of my blog. As usual, the gadget and its output are available under the creative commons license.

100 Confluxed Arthurian Names

From my new confluxor:

Art Cad Meram Lam Voridan Guy Adthes Milmel Arnish Larnis Pedesind Jorth Dale Amr Haraint Conedival Lanstans Din Loth Annet Drience Lucannerp Emede Tomint Leir Eliduke Liot Flaremone Perdries Consterie Hywel Annern Grak Lucans Rie Dint Con Arnowne Gileir Flothert Edwarvis Leomint Gause Gwinas Triencele Liothelie Emedres Causesin Sagdas Melewgon Tom Semagre Ebeleas Garoun Ectors Harouse Nant Rie Liot Dridas Loth Bliangdas Eberp Plas Uth Jors Amrenoric Con Ywaingdan Gileas Tom Gradannec Tal Anne Gauseish Tales Jor Palehadal Ywaint Emervis Clegiseir Hews Uth Lamerens Riesin Ger Ebereth Pilberd Sel Jord Gwint Cheris Lot Mad Pleagrens Cerisons Gracivans Amremagus Condesint Rodegise