Saturday, August 14, 2010

Anglo-Saxon Ability Scores

I wanted to give my take on The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game a Northern flair, and so considered recasting the classic six ability scores into the following molds:
  • Might: strength of arm and back, and the power to apply them.
  • Kenning: wit, memory, and the power to discern the truth of what is seen.
  • Faith: courage and the strength of belief in self, fate, and the gods.
  • Nimbleness: swiftness and surety of hand and foot.
  • Health: fitness and strength of heart and guts.
  • Wyrd: the brightness of one's thread in the tapestry of fate, the power to lead others to greatness.
Notably, all of these words were established in the English language (in one form or another) well prior to the Norman invasion. For now, at least, I've tried to capture the feel of these definitions while leaving the names intact; sometimes inertia is hard to fight.

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